Why us

We’ve already done it with outstanding success in large scale while developing unique know-how assets that can be replicated

Key personnel – Led by e-Health & telemedicine WinWin leaders

Proven success – based on unequalled experience and know-how, Med-trix is considered one of sole success stories at large population, with massive  customer engagement.

Cost Reductions:

- Reduction in Emergency Room visits,

- Reduction of visit cost by 50%

- Improving medical quality

- Avoiding unnecessary Emergency Room visits,

- Improving patient satisfaction,

- Avoiding safety events,

- Significantly reducing average time to consultation.

We succeed where others fail!

Business assets – strategy, methodology and practice that can be adopted to additional regions.

Strategy –Hybridization, focusing on specific target populations needs, dynamic updating of tools and technologies, so to match the exact developing needs.

Practice – Hybrid e-Health doctrine: service, QA, evaluation & control, medical protocols