About us

“Med-trix (Sharan) “, was innovated in 2004, by Dr. Yves Bitton, a physician and specialist (Internal medicine & cardiology), with 25 years of experience in developing new medical e- health and Telemedicine services for Israeli and global market.

Ayelet Bitton with her long experience in call center technologies and service platforms, developes the very advanced  interaction  interface between the end user and the service providers in the company. This had brought the company with the highest rewards for computerized solution and for customer  satisfaction and service.

The company had set forth a goal to reach the most needed and weak populations such as children and the elderly, while using and developing new technologies, for quick-win monitoring and interacting the sick at home.

“Homepital” and “Doctors On-Line” are the largest projects of it’s kind around the world.

The company develops new services and methodologies and reach global markets.

Med-trix has 280 employees including: Physicians, Nurses, Paramedics, Pharmacists, Dietitians, social workers, Customer representatives, Logistics personnel, Drivers, Software developers, by using call center platforme.

Med-trix customers are the largest health organizations in Israel, HMO’s, The Ministry of Defense, The Ministry of Transportation, Insurance companies and large global Pharmaceutical companies.